Harley-Davidson® Touring Motorcycles

July 25, 2018

While Cruisers are designed to show off on the short ride, Harley-Davidson® touring motorcycles are perfect for those who wants to enjoy the landscape on cross country rides. No other motorcycle is better for long-distance adventures, as these models offer comfort, power,and convenience, while still offering plenty of power.

Storage Capacity

Every trip requires some luggage and touring motorcycles are equipped to fit this need perfectly. You’ll find large saddlebags, a top box and sometimes some under-seat storage.


Harley-Davidson® knows that you expect to spend hours at a time on your touring motorcycle, so they optimize comfort in every way possible on these bikes. The seats are plush and the handlebars have ergonomic controls, You’ll also find some models with mid-frame air deflectors, which keeps your legs from getting burnt from the exhaust. However long you want to ride, these motorcycles will keep you comfortable for mile after mile.

While they might appear similar, there are significant differences between a Harley-Davidson® Cruiser and a touring motorcycle. Both are incredible bikes, but your choice between them really depends on your personal preferences. For more information about our bikes and our tours, contact Dominican Riders here.

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