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Dominican Riders wants to welcome you to a unique experience in the Caribbean. We have developed a Harley Davidson Motorcycle tour that we are sure once you experience it, you will want to come back and enjoy more rides with us. Imagine the feel of riding in the tropics on a Harley with a group of friends or while making new ones. Our one of a kind unique motorcycle/holiday tour concept is to ride safely on a Harley Davidson and enjoy as much as you can. Come to discover a beautiful country with places that only a few locals know, and share a great experience of friendship that will last a lifetime.


We have chosen several hotel locations that include beaches, mountains and rapid rivers. As well as the heart of the Colonial Town of Santo Domingo, capital of this wonderful country. This is the 16th Century town where it all began in the western hemisphere. Dinner and Lunch restaurants are included in the package. The resort hotels and restaurants we have selected for you are tested and certified by our organization with periodic hygienic inspections to ensure your trip is flawless while providing tranquility. Breakfast is included as part of your tour package at each hotel location.


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