Cabarete: Excellence Motorcycle Riders Beach

Cabarete is a small tourist town located in the northern Dominican Republic. Founded in 1835 by slaves brought from Florida, was a sleepy town, almost unknown until the late 80’s, when arrived the first tourists interested in wind sports such as windsurfing that was fashionable at that time.
Located 25 minutes from the airport of Puerto Plata, Cabarete offers a dream holiday, offering a choice of activities both day and night, seen almost irresistible not wanting to do all the activities the area offers.
Cabarete is built around a beautiful semi-circular beach of golden sand, which is full of bars and restaurants open from morning until late at night. Restaurants such as LAX, MARAJA, KAHUNA, JOSE OSHEA’S, LA CASA DEL PESCADOR Y NIKKI BEACH provide all types of menus for customers, looking from simply to the most exclusive Mediterranean, Dominican and international dishes. The bars are not far behind, as they provide all kind of music and environments. ONNOS, LAX, VOY VOY, OJO, BAMBU give life to the nights in the area, where locals mix with tourists giving it a unique magic mixture of culture that must see it to believe.

Cabarete is also known as one of the best beaches in Dominican Republic for tanning the skin, thus giving you sunbathing on the sand, as supplemented with adventure sports such as MOUNTAIN BIKE, SCUBA DIVING WAKE BOARDING and CASCADING.

But the most important thing is Cabarete is its extreme sports, WINSDSURF, KITESURF and SURFING. Thanks to favorable weather conditions and wind, these sports have annual must-world circuits as PKRA and PWA, and placing these championships in the areas of Kitebeach, Playa Cabarete and Playa Encuentro. Large communities of foreigners have already moved to the area to hone their skills in these sports, and you are considered residents of Cabarete.

But let go to the important: in a environment where there are so diverse people, why it is so desired among motorcyclists and foreigners visiting this island unspoiled area?

Easy: Cabarete has several advantages:

The stay is economic, since the area has an atmosphere and bohemian spirit. You can find all kinds of rooms, houses and apartments. Rooms from $ 14.00 to all-inclusive hotels, apartments with ocean views, all are part of the options that you can find to have a place to sleep, relax and recharge comfortable to return on the road with the bike.
The food is very varied with all kinds of prices: if you want to eat cheaply and chill out we suggest LAX that has good and varied food with always special. If you are looking for a more elegant experience can go to Nikki Beach, with great food, music and wine.
The nightlife is always 100%. If you like to give you a few drinks, dance, meet people and share, Cabarete is the place. Every day there are parties in the beach bars, many of them give you the option of restaurant and bar on the premises, which change the music at 11pm and the party is active without realizing it. ONNOS and EYE are two options that you cannot miss.
The weather allows you to leave the boots, jeans and leather jacket in the room, and go for a ride on a bike in with a bathing suit, flip flops and t-shirt. Yes, go with caution, if you fall on the bike you can damage your holiday.

Anyway, one thing is certain that happen to us every time we visit Cabarete: are you always wanted to go back.

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